Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the process of removing dents from a vehicle without altering the surface (paint) of the vehicle. PDR professionals use special tools to get behind the dent and work it out from the back. This method is surprisingly efficient and should leave no trace of the dent.

PDR has become widely used for hail damage, door dings, minor creases, and damages that have not affected the paint finish. This is a good solution for vehicles that have just one dent or many.

The advantage to using Paintless Dent Removal rather than the filler and repainting that most body shops would perform is that it keeps the original finish of your car. Individuals and insurance companies prefer PDR because there is no depreciation in value of your vehicle.

* Costs less than traditional body repair

* Same-day service in many cases

* Vehicle retains original paint

* No body filler or putty

* No risk of paint overspray

* No risk of incorrect color matching

* Repairs are permanent

* Repairs are guaranteed

* Retains value and integrity of vehicle


Keven Privett

Keven is a certified paintless dent repair technician. He hired on with QRS in March of 2001 to do the paintless dent repair. Over the last 13 years Keven has continued perfecting his PDR skills and doing the best repair that is possible. Oftentimes leaving no detectable evidence of a dent.

Keven specializes in repairing hail damaged vehicles back to prestorm condition, from the first phone call through each step along the way. From working with your insurance company, to completing the repairs, to the limited lifetime warranty.

He also regularly serves used car dealerships, autobody shops, and individual customers repairing dents and dings of all shapes and sizes and on every make and model of vehicle. Keven pays attention to the littlest of details and takes satisfaction in a job well done.

Contact Keven: 574-596-7892


Kevin Carr

Kevin hails from Napanee, IN with his lovely wife Elizabeth and their 4 children (Isaiah, Elijah, Moriah, Zachariah). Kevin is an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ and desires to show it in all areas of his life.

He joined the QRS team in 2010. He was trained in Paintless Dent Repair by our veteran technician Keven Privett. Over the course of the last 4 yrs Kevin has continued to advance in his proficiency as a PDR technician.

This past January he participated in an elite PDR certification, earning him the title of "vale certified craftsman" (visit for more information.

While most PDR techs regularly fix door dings & dents and hail damage, Kevin also is glad for the challenge of fixing big damage as well:  "if the paint isn't cracked, He'll attempt to bring it back." The sucess he's had with this has saved his customers hundreds of dollars and has saved vehicles from unessacary paint & filler.

Contact Kevin: 574-849-0593


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 paintless-dent-repair-2012-10-30 14.28.44-before  paintless-dent-repair-2012-10-30 16.45.35-after paintless-dent-repair-2013-06-13 06.17.06-a-before  paintless-dent-repair-2013-06-13 07.27.54-b-after 
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 paintless-dent-repair-2013-07-09 15.42.48-a-before paintless-dent-repair-2013-07-09 16.23.23-b-after  paintless-dent-repair-2013-07-11 12.00.50-a-before  paintless-dent-repair-2013-07-11 12.55.39-b-after 
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